PV CellTech Conference USA

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Introduction to PV CellTech USA 2024

With 2024 marking the first steps to creating a domestic silicon-based manufacturing value-chain in the U.S., attention now focuses on how much module capacity has been brought online, and the timing and technologies underpinning the addition of new wafer and cell capacity. PV CellTech USA 2024 will feature the companies behind these new investments into U.S. manufacturing, what production equipment has been deployed or is on order, and how sites can be profitable in a global climate of depressed module pricing.

In addition to learning about wafer, cell and module facilities in the U.S., the conference will benchmark cell and module performances against the global mainstream offerings, identifying how – through technology differentiation – the U.S. can carve out a PV manufacturing niche that could be market competitive in the absence of generous subsidies. Finlay Colville, Head of Market Research, PV Tech

Agenda Topics Will Include

  • The current status of polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cell and module manufacturing plants in the US today.
  • Factory technologies deployed, production equipment used and utilization rates achieved.
  • Materials supply for US PV facilities, including glass, raw materials and gases.
  • Capex committed to US manufacturing in 2024 and forecasts for the period 2025 to 2027.
  • Domestic US PV manufacturing policy developments and their impacts on US and overseas investment plans going forward.
  • Operational costs, margins and profitability of US PV manufacturing and how to create a sustainable PV manufacturing landscape.
  • Next generation PV technologies in domestic production: how can the US be a PV technology leader?
  • Benchmarking US PV manufacturing with global state-of-the-art metrics, in particular versus China’s multi-TW installed capacity base.
  • How is US R&D feeding into domestic manufacturing? Where are the new start-up’s and spin-off’s offering technology-transfer expertise?
  • Building PV factories in the US, training the site workers & sharing global PV manufacturing best practices in production.
If you would like to suggest topics or speakers for PV CellTech USA in October, or if you would like to speak yourself or join us as a partner, then please get in touch!