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Disruptive Technologies Showcase

Meet some of the emerging companies in the PV manufacturing sector that are set to release new products, processes and equipment, which have the scope to be truly disruptive to today’s mainstream technology offerings. Showcased at PV CellTech USA 2024 in our Disruptive Technology session series.

Start-Up Partners

Bert Thin Films

Bert Thin Films, Inc. has developed proprietary copper pastes for silicon solar cell fabrication. These pastes are screen printable and can be fired in industry furnaces. Thus, these products can directly replace the silver pastes that are currently used by over 90% of the industry and deliver the cost savings of switching from silver to copper. We have been developing pastes for several years and have been awarded several grants by the US DOE Solar Energy Technologies Office and have partnerships with Universities and National Labs as well as industry.

BTF is based in Louisville, KY and was founded by Drs. Ruvini Dharmadasa and Thad Druffel based on work that they originated at the University of Louisville. BTF has exclusive worldwide rights to the patents issued to the University. BTF is a small team of 10 business leaders, engineers and chemists and has collectively several decades of experience in materials for solar applications.

BTF currently has a 4,000 square foot facility that includes paste manufacturing facilities, cell production (screen printing and a firing furnace) and test capability, and office space.  BTF has complete capabilities to QA incoming materials, pastes and solar cells. The PV lab is fully equipped to produce and test cells.


Thad Druffel

Bert Thin Films


Caelux’s proprietary technologies improve the performance of any new crystalline silicon module, making solar energy more powerful and cost-effective. Headquartered in Pasadena, California, Caelux is at the forefront of the emerging science of perovskites, a special class of nanomaterials. Its flagship product, Caelux™ One is an innovative product that integrates seamlessly into existing PV module manufacturing processes, boosting performance, reducing installed costs, and accelerating the proliferation of solar. For more information, visit www.caelux.com or connect on LinkedIn.

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Scott Graybeal